Friday, September 05, 2008

asia 'o8

Some older artwork from the old blog!

Hey guys,
I just wanted to share some eye candies from my Asia trip. These are various photos from Japan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. Enjoy!

+++More artwork to come soon!
After a year of pretty much being unable to draw due to an accident, my backs finally been getting better :) I've recently been starting to draw again so hopefully I'll catch up and make up for the lost times during the school year last year. I've also decided to delete all my previous posts and have a fresh start.


Michael Dedrick said...

Hey Teen,

It's always nice to get a fresh start/new perspective, and it's great to hear your back is getting better. I can see that has had a influence on your photography.

These pics are great!!! Keep up the amazer-ing work and keep in touch.

*tina said...

thanks a lot mikee!!
talk to you soon!