Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This is my first painting of the year! I am plannning on doing many MANY many more as I am finally looking into it more seriously. I've also been reading a great book called 'Oil Painting Secrets from a Master' by Linda Cateura whom my good friend Ben lent to me last summer (I'm gonna finish it soon i promise!). It's an amazing book, definitely worth checking out!

Anyways, I spent the day with my best friend Celina <3

destination - CHINATOWN! 
It's funny cause I've always hated that place. Mostly because of the smell and the dirtiness. But I think I'm starting to see the beauty in it all :)

The ultimate china-combo pose.
squat & fobby peace sign :p

This was a random piece I did after my Asia trip! I was completely inspired by the super fashionable girls in the Shibuya shopping district of Japan. Yes, I know...the girls don't look asian >.< 


Bobby Pontillas said...

Sweet painting, Very painterly while still being graphic and I like her expression!

Harjiwan Bhamra said...

Awesome Painting Christina. Man that's really good, is that out of your head. Did that book help you with this piece, bc this is really nice.

Anonymous said...

I know I keep randomly popping up on your art blog, but I really like your stuff! Gorgeous painting. :)

-- Erica

*tina said...


Bobby - Thankss a lot :)
Harsh - I used a bit of a ref...well different refs:) but the general concept was out of my head. I did this piece before I started reading the book but I'm sure it would have helped!
Erica - Thanks for visiting still..we should catch up sometime me u n cel!

enaifos said...

hello Tina,
The painting is amazin'...
i really like it, i hope you'll make a lot of them...
please, please..., pleaaaase !!!

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